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Newsie in Color
Vintage photograph treated in Photoshop to resemble hand-tinted photographs from the turn of the last century. The photo is part of the Appeal-Democrat's archives, and depicts one of their newsboys from the early 1900s.

99 Things

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2011 99Things Cover
99 Things is a yearly magazine published by the Appeal-Democrat in Marysville, California. While I was Art Director for WAG Media Group, an agency owned by the Appeal-Democrat, I redesigned and edited the publication for several years. Below are a couple more covers and spreads from other issues.

Unplugged Logo

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Unplugged Logo
Logo for a series of poolside events with music, presentations, food and entertainment. Client was Gauche Aquatic Park in Yuba City, California. Logo was designed to sit at the top of pages and wrap around page content. Developed while working as Art Director at WAG Media Group, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Appeal-Democrat.

Sutter County Children & Families Commission

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Sutter County Children & Families Commission Website
Website developed for the Sutter County Children & Families Commission includes a featured post slide, an extensive events calendar, and full news and blogging section. In keeping with the SCCFC's branding, the sit was done almost entirely in black and white, with just a splash of color in the heading and a second cold for accents. Branding was done by Randy ... Read More

Landing Goldfinch

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Landing Goldfinch
Twitchy little birds are one of the hardest subjects for a photographer. Even when they're sitting, they move around a LOT, and they don't usually stay sitting for more than a minute or so. You have to be right on top of them to fill the frame, even with a lens that costs as much as a good used car. ... Read More

Lonely Shoe

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Lonely Shoe
On a trip to Tahoe in the wintertime with a lot of nieces and nephews, this shoe was placed in its usual storage place — the middle of the floor. If I had to get my foot out of a tennis shoe without untying it first, I'd probably end up in the emergency room. I think four-year-olds are made of ... Read More

We’re Not in Kansas Anymore!

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We're Not in Kansas Anymore
Promotional image I shot for Rideout Health's Fairway to Health Golf Tournament. The event had a "Wizard of Oz" theme, hence the "good witch" costuming. A sponsor (seated on the back) donated the scooter to be auctioned at the event, and Rideout wanted an image to use in promotional materials before the event.